The Yin and Yang of George Pennington III

Date : 19 / Dec / 2020
Time : 7pm

The Yin and Yang of George Pennington III

Doors 7pm

8:00-9:00 Set 1 George & his guitar

Intermission 9:00-9:30.

9:30-10:30 Set 2 George rocking with full band.


People are encouraged to dress in all white or all black, or some sort of balance, depending on if they wanted to represent the Yin (black) or the Yang (white). The “Yin” set will begin the night. It will be dark, contemplative, intimate, fragile, and gentle. George will  perform many of the tunes from his recently released acoustic album, “Daydream Sequence”. It will be quiet with the experience that you could hear a pin drop. It will be dramatic and theatrical, and will feel like a small, off Broadway show!

The “Yang” set would follow with force. The band will join George for a passionate, outwards approach for the second set. Instead of acoustic guitars, piano ballads, and intimate music making, this will be an all out tour de force rock n’ roll set! It would be a blast to transition from something so fragile and inquisitive to something fiery and commanding. Although still seated, this will be a high energy rock n roll show.