Ol’ Dirty Sundays w/ Mista Sinista & Rob Swift

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Ol’ Dirty Sundays w/ Mista Sinista & Rob Swift

July 29, 2018 @ 10:00 pm

Get ready for some true turntablist and living legends in this DJ game to take over ODS on July 29th for a showcase on how it’s done. We proudly present Mista Sinista and DJ Rob Swift aka Da Odd Couple of X-Ecutionersfamily to come down and rock a 4 turntable set of pure skill. If you don’t know about X-Ecutioners accolades then due the knowledge and be sure to come out for a sure shot ODS.

Residents: CASPER x FADER

Opening set: DJ QEYS


As an 11 year old , Mista Sinista’s first influence was the sound of his father (a DJ) spinning old breaks in his house. Naturally interested in the art form, the Hip-Hop sounds of Mr. Magic and Kool DJ Red Alert (on New York’s WBLS and KISS FM), soon captivated the Queens, NY youngster. In February of 1986, Mista Sinista finally saved up enough to get a set of his own Technics turntables, and spent the next few years practicing religiously. Mastering the aspects of scratching and mixing was an obsession, as the young deejay honed his skills. In the summer of 1991, Sinista met Dr. Butcher, a legendary Hip-Hop deejay, who was also from Queens.

Asking Mista Sinista about the importance of this relationship, he replied, “Dr. Butcher had skills that were far in advance of anybody I knew at the time”. His new-found mentor took Sinista under his wing and taught him the art of turntablism. With Dr. Butcher’s teaching, Mista Sinista’s skills started to greatly evolve.

In July 1992, when Rob Swift (another student of Dr. Butcher) entered the Northeast DMC Finals, Sinista was on stage aiding him. Rob placed first and Sinista was able to witness first hand what a battle routine was all about. Inspired, Mista Sinista who was by now a member of The X-men, started competing the following year. Coming in as runner up in the 1993 New Music Seminar Battle, and also in the Northeast DMC Finals, Sinista attracted a lot of industry attention. Sinista’s controversial DMC performance (which included the classic “Method Man” routine) soon led to gigs cutting for and touring the world with Common and The Beatnuts.

Throughout the next couple of years, he gained a reputation for being one of the best tour and scratch deejays in the world (check Common’s “Resurrection” LP for some of the best cuts ever recorded on a Hip-Hop album). His work was also highlighted on
Fat Joe’s sophomore release, “Jealous One’s Envy.”

In 1996, Mista Sinista returned to the DMC and took the DMC East Coast title. He also continued his studio work, recording with Al’ Tariq of the Beatnuts and his good friend Kukoo. The following year, Sinista rejoined forces with Common for a few tracks on his new album, “One Day It’ll All Make Sense”. With touring and studio projects in abundance already, Mista Sinista began to partake in the recording of the X-ecutioner’s debut album “X-Pressions” on Asphodel Records. Around the time of this release, some of the X-Men working on X-Pressions, including Sinista, renamed themselves the X-ecutioners. (Historical note: Not all of the X-ecutioners were originally X-Men and many of the X-Men did not become X-ecutioners).

With the critical success of this album, as well as the growing buzz of the crew, the X-ecutioners secured a recording deal on Loud/Sony. “Built For Scratch” was finally released in February 2002, and was viewed as a groundbreaking album for turntablism. Soon after, Mista Sinista left the group to pursue several ventures, including his own solo debut album.

The Mista Sinista’s debut album, “Heartfelt” is scheduled in the near Future. This LP will showcase Mista Sinista’s creativity and ability to experiment, successfully, with several genres of music. According to Mista Sinista, “There will be something on it for everyone, and the project itself will be heartfelt”. The album will feature joint efforts with some of Hip-Hop’s best emcees and DJs, as well as several cross-genre music collaborations. Look for this seminal release to further raise the bar and to push turntablism toward new heights of creativity.

Sinista will be touring the U.S in the near future , including judging and showcasing at several U.S. DMC battles. He will soon be starring in the Cable TV series “ESPIA” in which he was cast in a lead role as a club DJ. Most recently, Mista Sinista just returned from touring with Lauren Hill in Europe, he has also collaborated on various projects with artist such as Jean Grae and Porchelina. Look forward to continued success and more amazing tracks from this talented DJ/Producer….

Rob Swift knows all about evolution and its conceptual cousin,
revolution—whether it’s the spontaneous kind that sparks radical
change, or the vinyl-based kind that occurs at 33-1/3 revolutions –
per – minute (and variations thereof). And for a cat like Swift—who
has worked with everyone from Linkin Park to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Mike Patton to Herbie Hancock—truly forward-thinking, revolutionary music just seems to come naturally, and on some occasions, at a cost. DJs must adapt, and in this high-speed information era, that means expanding your scope of vision from beyond your instrument to new expressive vehicles “by any means necessary.”

Here’s where we drop the needle on some history: after years of honing his skills on the wheels of steel under the tutelage of his older brother and father, Robert Aguilar aka Rob Swift was tapped, in 1991, by a Harlem-based DJ crew called the X-Men to join their ranks. Within a year he won the coveted DMC East Coast title and became known, worldwide, as a masterful DJ and a force to be reckoned. Even when, to avoid the obvious beef with Marvel Comics, the X-Men were compelled to change their name to the X-ecutioners, Swift (and his compatriots Roc Raida, Mista Sinista and Total Eclipse) still retained a superhero’s afterglow. Their 1997 debut album X-Pressions (Ashpodel) served notice, with dirt-funky tracks like “Word Play” making it clear that Swift the recording artist was on the rise. Five years later, the group’s first major-label debut Built From Scratch (Loud/Columbia) generated the huge hit “It’s Goin’ Down” featuring Linkin Park.

However, the freshly acquired mainstream success brought on new
challenges. “After the success of It’s Goin Down, our label reps tried turning us into a Rap-Rock group. They didn’t realize the true goal of the X-ecutioners was to keep testing and pushing the boundaries of music using the turntable as our tool.”

The pressures of compromising their creativity for the sake of living
up to previous record sales, brought about artistic tension amongst
the X-ecutioners. Unwilling to sacrifice his creativeness, Rob was
inspired to establish himself as a soloist and break through with a
series of genre-busting albums of his own (the first being 1998’s The Ablist). Sound Event (2002), his second solo effort, set the tone for his ascendant multi-faceted production style, mapping dark jeep beats (“Hip-Hop on Wax,” with Large Professor), Latin Jazz (“Salsa Scratch,”with Bob James) and ambient-electronic funk (the psychedelic “Interview with Colored Man,” with Supernatural) with the deft touch of a seasoned studio hand.

“Venturing off into my solo career helped me realize I was just
beginning to scratch the surface of my true potential.” Swift says,
“the worst thing one can do to an artist is limit them and I started
to feel stifled creatively. My departure from the X-ecutioners was a
necessary one cause it freed me from all constraints.” Swift’s
post-9/11 beat collage War Games (2005), his third solo album,
(featuring guest shots from The Large Professor and Bob James).

“Whether it’s as a solo artist or collaborating with other like minded
artists, I just want to push the boundaries of what I do”, Rob Says.
“I’m just trying to figure out different avenues to introduce people
to my sound and obviously, to showcase my style and versatility. It
might be through video games, commercials, movies, albums or live performances. However I reach people, the main thing is that we all get to enjoy that musical connection.”

Rob Swift has continued his relentless pursuit of fresh directions,
expanding his palette into the stratosphere. In addition to dropping
a DVD titled “As the Technics Spin”, which focuses on Rob Swift’s
thought process while creating his classic battle/club sets, his most
recent albums “The Architect” and “Sketches of The Architect”
efforlessy blends the genres of Turntablism and Classical music to
create an works that act as the soundtrack to his vision of where Hip Hop can head rather than where it is now.

Three X-Executioners albums released plus five solo albums, world
tours, Gap advertisements and an online radio show with Scion A/V are just the iceberg for DJ Rob Swift. His collaborations with the likes of Jay Z, Linkin Park, Herbie Hancock, The Blue Man Group and appearances on late night talk shows like The Tonight Show and Late Night With David Letterman spread the true art of turntabilism into the world. Today, Rob Swift once again reinvented himself and the way the public views DJing.

In August 2012 Rob took his career and the art of DJing to new heights as a cast member for ESPN’s first late night – sports entertainment show, UNITE (ESPN U). A fitting title because it’s the first time since Rob was 17 that he got to re-UNITE the two passions in life, DJing and sports.

“My roll on the show revolved around me using my abilities as a DJ to score highlights from various college sports games. Providing the overall soundtrack to the show as the cast (former Florida State
Seminole & NY Giants QB Danny Kannel, TV personality Marianela, and comedian Reese Waters) debated and poked fun at the day’s college sports and even social topics. UNITE was the first of it’s kind. Never has a DJ been such an integral part of a live television show. ESPN is the most recognized sports network across the world and although UNITE is no longer running, this was yet again, a true blessing and defining moment in my career.”

Needless to say, Rob Swift is always in perpetual motion, pushing the boundaries of DJing and connection with audiences from all walks of life.

“Never would I have thought as a 12 year old that DJing would take me this far. It is something that I have always done out of pure love.
Being contracted for a full time TV position and paid to do something I truly love goes to show, when you do something for the right reasons, the right things happen. Stay positive, stay true to what you love, don’t compromise your craft and never give up on your dreams.” – DJ Rob Swift


Each party will be complete with GUEST DJ’s dropping gems and special sets, as well as the hosts and resident selectahs, DJ CASPER & DJ FADER dropping your favorite “feel good” records.

To complete the vibe, each week will also feature LIVE artists from the area painting/spraying, local B-Boy crews catchin’ wreck, PLUS JAM DISH will be on the grille cooking up delicious Jamaican food for all the party people in the place.

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July 29, 2018
10:00 pm